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The world's best VPN, as seen in :

Protect Your Privacy & Hide Your IP

Protect yourself from prying eyes and keep your online habits private. VPNhub protects your web history and activities from marketers, governments, scammers & more!
Get protected today!

International is the New Local

Be anywhere you want to be. From New York to Istanbul, to Tokyo, and back to Paris in time for lunch. Change your location at the click of a button. Until Elon Musk comes up with teleportation, this is the next best thing!

Don't Get Hacked on Public Wi-Fi

Whether it be at the coffee shop, your office, or at the airport - connecting to public Wi-Fi can be a risky venture. Use a VPN to prevent bad actors from intercepting your passwords, data, contacts and photos!

Premium Features

VPNhub offers everything you'd expect from a respectable VPN provider, and more!
  • 1000+ Servers
    VPNhub boasts over 1000 super fast servers in 60+ countries around the world.
    Be wherever you want to be!
  • Military Grade Encryption
    We employ the strongest AES 256-bit encryption, the same standard used to guard the American Government's secrets.
  • Unlimited Bandwith
    Consider us the all you can eat buffet of VPN services, where there are no restriction on how much you can download or upload.
  • Zero Logging
    We don't keep logs, it's as simple as that. What happens on VPNhub, stays on VPNhub. It's kinda like Fight Club, but you won't lose an eye.
  • Kill Switch Option
    If at any point the VPN fails, there's an option to disconnect your Internet connection to prevent any identity or data leaks.
  • IPv6 Leak Prevention
    We keep up with the times, and ensure that your IP address will not be leaked through devices using new IPv6 protocols.

Ultra Fast Servers


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Testimonials from Actual VPNhub Users

Here's what real people have to say about our service, no bots here.
  • I've tried a few VPNs before VPNhub, and they don't even come close. VPNhub is so easy to use that I use it on my computer and phone all the time. Such a relief to not have to worry about getting hacked or any of those ID scammers. Frank S.
  • One of a kind app!
    I have nothing but good things to say. A sense of peace from a single-click doesn't get any easier or better. Amanda P.
  • It really changes your IP and works with such ease. Most VPNs leave some clues to your real location so you still have accessibility issues with some region-restricted apps and sites. But not this one! VPNhub rocks!!!! Jimmy G.